About Lost Woods Hot Sauce

The Maine Men have taken the time to visit a vast amount of pubs and restaurants that boast great wings with the ultimate hot sauce. Guess what, they also joined the group of sauce lovers still looking for the sauce that is both hot and tasty.

What transpired next is not only true, but also so unbelievable that you are left dazed. These Maine Men heard of a place from a friend, who has a friend that heard it from a friend, that there was a place where natural herbs grew wild in thick wooded mountains. These herbs were said to enhance flavor. So they packed their gear and headed for the mountains. These Maine Men packed plenty of brew and food and they were on a mission to uncover the secret herbs to make their own sauce and show the people it was possible to have flavor and hotness in the same breath. It was many days of searching the mountains with nay a sign of these secret herbs. They wandered on aimlessly for many more days until both were exhausted and frustrated. It was then that they realized they were lost in the woods. The men were out of food and running dangerously low on brew. They savaged the woods for food. The Maine Men found a plant that looked edible and at this point would eat anything, so they tried it. The expression on their faces would be engraved in their memories forever. They were lost in the woods and found the herb they sought. They later found their way to civilization and put the herb to good use. The Maine Men put together a sauce that’s flavor and aroma captivate and then the heat comes on with a surprising uniqueness that leaves you hungering for more. Thus Maine Men named their sauce after their experience, Lost Woods Hot Sauce. Give it a try, even if you have a hard time believing our story. Come join us as one of those who, at last, have that ever elusive taste and hot combination.

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